This is one of the organic products of Nature Renaissance International NRI. It is bottled for the treatment of various health issues. Cuminus Oil benefits are numerous and I am going to be listing here soon.

Cuminus Oil can be taken alongside other NRI products but with specific instructions. It can be applied to joints but you need to mix it with ointment products like Rob. etc. It can be administered orally for other health issues but you need to be specific with what health issue you need it for. You benefit immensely from the use of this oil. Get more information about what benefit you can get from using cuminus Oil- A wonderful product of NRI.

Understand that all NRI products are natural. There are no side effects of Cuminus Oil when taken as instructed.

Below are the health issues Cuminus Oil can address:

Treatment of constipation
Boost immune system
A powerful natural moisturizer for the body
Promotes wound healing
Reduces inflammation and relieves pains
Fights fungus infections in the mouth, fight off candidiasis and keep the mouth healthy.
A fertility natural oil to conceive

Opens closed fallopian tube in women.
Stop hair breakage and increase hair growth
Induce labour
Reduce acne

Relieve menstrual cramps
Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles
Treat arthritis
Clear cold
Reduce gallbladder stone
Whitlow remedy

Price of Cuminus Oil in Nigeria varies from retail price to distributors price. To buy at distributors price you must join the company as an authorised dealer in your area.

Read More: How to Join NRI as a Distributor

Of you want to buy any of NRI products or you need to register as a distributor, kindly call +2348030756813

You can’t have a great product like Cuminus Oil and still be in pain of some ailments. Get your Cuminus Oil today and be free. What do you need Cuminus oil for?

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